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8th OCTOBER 20018.

For immidiate worldwide free copy and distribution.

"This lesson is the very basis of solid banking. Credit rests in ultimate on the abundance of nature, on the growing grass that can nourish the living sheep--Ezra Pound.

My H$H GREEN bail-out has a real bail. And has real green pot.
To mean my H$H GREEN Bail is Cannabis! Yes. My HA$H plan.
To save the American Hempire, this Emergency HA$H/Cannabis
Bai-LOUT Plan.t. 2018.

To manufacture a new housing security market. HA$H/Cannabis
mortgages backed up by plants. Secure. Safe. Sure to flower.
Invest cash in HA$H by the Pound. My Green bail-out for the
Housing market involves growing 10 plants per U.S household.
A new Cannabis market will take off like a rocket. Check it.

“As long as the sun keeps shining or your hydro’ lights stay on, you can sleep sound with the security of cannabis investments.” --HA$H MORTGAGE SECURE TEAS

In the wake of recent economic and financial catastrophe i'll wager not not one political mouthpiece or media whorehouse has entertained the prospect of a HA$H/MARIJUANA BAIL OUT PROGRAM: The Global decriminalization of Cannabis related crimes and the creation of roughly 160 new national HA$H/MARIJUANA trading nations.) Considering its historic U.S hemp constitution, the United States might be the first to adopt my plan. Or something resembling it, drawn up by some clever clogs at the 2018 GREEN party. Yeah. Sure.

“Trust your crop not your government banking cop.”--HA$H MORTGAGE SECURE TEAS

Imagine, not only will the new green market boost and blaze the currently crippled global economy with a grass-roots plan for rapid growth and HA$H cash injections, but, the medicinal and social benefits of a nation, or nations with un-punished access to high quality Cannabis maybe critical in times of deep depression, recession and mad greed wars. When all else is crumbling and decaying around you it just might be nice, at least, to smoke a splff if you wanted too, or else eat a pot brownie, and well now, hell, why not fuck in the streets too?

Along with the Netherlands; Iceland, Ireland, Malaysia, Britain, Germany, America, Japan, Kenya and Canada will all have their experimental 12 month trial period adopting Cannabis decriminalization; starting April 20th 20019. Licensed smoking houses, information centers and trading markets combined with the freedom for each individual to grow at least 8 plants and have up to 19 ounces of ready to smoke Cannabis in their possession will create a buzzing community of calm and creative people, living harmoniously with others who maybe driving their death monsters, drinking poison or eating death foods,

"We'll tolerate their hobbies if they'll tolerate ours" --Guns and Dope party slogan. 2004 California race.

The massive insurgence of green-fingered gardening fanatics and peaceful growers will boost the market for growing equipment, soil, fertilizer, comic book and science fiction culture, and get troublsom kids off the street and into the garden. Also people will be encouraged to move around in their communities, sharing cuttings, tips and buds with oneanother, while getting back into some of natures most ancient cycles and gaining new awareness for seasons, for biological science, cleanliness.

"Hi yield guarantea.”--HA$H MORTGAGE SECURE TEAS

The HA$H bail-out horticulture plan nurtures the careful, loving preparation rituals, the care and individual responsibility required to grow Cannabis for Secure mortgages of the highest quality, to help re-grow and to re-invigorate the US property market, and then also possibly the entire worlds property markets, unleashing the potential for the more meaningful 2019 GREEN energy revolution, GREEN medicine, GREEN fiber (and it does not certainly have to be colored green it can be dyed other colors), GREEN fuel, GREEN paper, GREEN currency. Think about it. Corn was once a kind of plant-currency. The Funky green corn called Cannabis could really, joking aside now, help the world economy get itself out of the current slump, where investments in Bombs, Germs, Steel, GOV DRUGS, OIL etc. have us spinning into a dirty non GREEN funky spell.

The Iran war has cost roughly $700 Trillion so far in America alone. Britain just spent 33 Trillion on a new Quadent Nuclear Missileprogram. This is RED investment. RED for the blood of KILLINGRY. The business of death and decay. From Nukes right down to computer chips that guide them, Killingry is not an option for any harmonious future between humanity and planet earth. I am for Livingry, for cooperation and for good sound thinking, these are the order for these tricky days ahead and the task of solving some of the dire problums we are wrapped up in.

"Do the H$H BOP and trim your profit from the tip-top"

My green HA$H bail-out proposal (H$H B.O.P) maybe a little more of a serious proposal than at first strikes you. Only the LAWS of prohibition, so vehemently enforced by the TSOG USA, the TSOG UK and the European TSOG Union stand in the way, realistically to a new worldwide HA$H BAIL out mortgages securities market. They could drop that law ina flash, let all the Cannabis crime related prisoners walk free and invest the surplus CA$H and maybe begin gra$$ roots sparkt-up companies that specialize in GREEN! hemp and GREEN Cannabis related products, products of LIVINGRY, soap, bread, cakes, clothing, footwear, building materials, fuel, fuel, cookies etc. Good food, clothing, fuel and shelter stuff. Opposed to Nukes and Fossil fuels and Virtual “joke” credit. (TSOG = Tsarist Occupation Government, as defined by Dr. Robert Anton Wilson. 1932-2007)

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Continuing the recent trend, marijuana arrests set another all-time record in 2017, totaling 872,720. --

The H$H BOP would also be turning around the horrible and inhumane punishment against mostly harmless citizens who enjoy the relaxing effects of Cannabis. Those who are incarcerated for dealing bigger quantities will be unable to re offend due to the legalization of the Cannabis drug they may, or may not have been illegally dealing. These individuals can be trained and primed further for good work in the marketing and administration departments of this, or another 2019 GREEN Spark up company, utilizing their networking skills and love of people and culture. To give one example of turning a good human being from a criminal into a useful member of society. If Cannabis criminals became Cannabiks criminals overnight when the first LAWS were enacted then Cannabis Criminals can become Cannabis citizens overnight just a quickly. And in 2019 we may have half a billion less criminals around the world.

--Some figures, quotes and references to help flesh out the landscape of HA$H MORTGAGE SECURE TEAS.

"With government at all levels awash in debt, this is an insane waste of resources. If we regulated and taxed marijuana as we do beer, wine, and cigarettes, we could save tens of billions of dollars, better control marijuana's production and distribution, and cut off a huge source of funding to criminal gangs."--Rob Kampia, executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project in Washington, D.C.


By Fly A2ari3 2019.

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SEPTEMBER 22, 2019

Humans have 23 years to go

Global Extinction Awareness System starts the countdown for Homo sapiens.

PALO ALTO, CA — Based on the results of a year-long supercomputer simulation, the Global Extinction Awareness System (GEAS) has reset the "survival horizon" for Homo sapiens - the human race - from "indefinite" to 23 years.

“The survival horizon identifies the point in time after which a threatened population is expected to experience a catastrophic collapse,” GEAS president Audrey Chen said. “It is the point from which a species is unlikely to recover. By identifying a survival horizon of 2042, GEAS has given human civilization a definite deadline for making substantive changes to planet and practices.”

According to Chen, the latest GEAS simulation harnessed over 70 petabytes of environmental, economic, and demographic data, and was cross-validated by ten different probabilistic models. The GEAS models revealed a potentially terminal combination of five so-called “super-threats”, which represent a collision of environmental, economic, and social risks. “Each super-threat on its own poses a serious challenge to the world's adaptive capacity,” said GEAS research director Hernandez Garcia. “Acting together, the five super-threats may irreversibly overwhelm our species’ ability to survive.”Garcia said, “Previous GEAS simulations with significantly less data and cross-validation correctly forecasted the most surprising species collapses of the past decade: Sciurus carolinenis and Sciurus vulgaris, for example, and Anatidae chen. So we have very good reason to believe that these simulation results, while shocking, do accurately represent the rapidly growing threats to the viability of the human species.”

GEAS notified the United Nations prior to making a public announcement. The spokesperson for United Nations Secretary General Vaira Vike-Freiberga released the following statement: "We are grateful for GEAS' work, and we treat their latest forecast with seriousness and profound gravity."

GEAS urges concerned citizens, families, corporations, institutions, and governments to talk to each other and begin making plans to deal with the super-threats.


Hagbard Celine's gigantic computer, FUCKUP-First Universal Cybernetic-Kinetic-Ultramicro-
Programmer- was basically a rather sophisticated form of the standard self-programming algorithmic logic machine of the time; the name was one of his whimsies. FUCKUP's real claim to uniqueness was a programmed stochastic process whereby it could "throw" an I Ching hexagram, reading' a random open circuit as a broken (yin) line and a random closed circuit as a full (yang) line until six such "lines" were round. Consulting its memory banks, where the whole tradition of 1 Ching interpretation was stored, and then cross-checking its current scannings of that day's political, economic, meteorological, astrological, astronomical, and technological eccentricities, it would provide a reading of the hexagram which, to Hagbard's mind, combined the best of the scientific and occult methods for spotting oncoming trends. On March 13, the stochastic pattern spontaneously generated Hexagram 23, "Breaking Apart." FUCKUP then interpreted:

This traditionally unlucky sign was cast by Atlantean scientist-priests shortly before the destruction of their continent and is generally connected with death by water. Other vibrations link it to earthquakes, tornadoes and similar disasters, and to sickness, decay, and morbidity as well. The first correlation is with the unbalance between technological acceleration and political retrogression, which has proceeded earth-wide at ever widening danger levels since 1914 and especially since 1964. The breaking apart is fundamentally the schizoid and schismatic mental fugue of lawyer-politicians attempting to administrate a worldwide technology whose mechanisms they lack the education to comprehend and whose gestalt trend they frustrate by breaking apart into obsolete Renaissance nation- states. World War III is probably imminent and, considering the advances in chemical biological warfare in conjunction with the sickness vibrations of Hexagram 23, the unleashing of plague or nerve gas or both is as probable as thermonuclear overkill. General prognosis: many megadeaths. There is some hope for avoidance of the emerging pattern with prompt action of correct nature. Probability of such avoidance is 0.17 ± 0.05. No blame.

"My ass, no blame," Hagbard raged; and rapidly reprogrammed FUCKUP to read off to him its condensed psychobiographies of the key figures in world politics and the key scientists in chemobiological warfare. --Robert Anton Wilson & Robert Shea, The Illuminatus Trilogy!

Looking back. The Crazy Wisdom of Philip K. Dick

How was the Crazy Wisdom of Philip K. Dick class?

I had a joyful few weeks reading Philip K. Dick and also reading and writing with other people about Philip K. Dick, his books and inspired movies.

You can get much of the specific info about the course at the maybe logic academy, and if you're interested can follow your nose on the web as there are many brilliant blogs, web sites and essays about everythingPKD.

To conserve a bit of time and space, I'll just throw down my own condensed notes from the early part of the course when we were reading "The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch" (TTSOPE)

It's their futures, not ours. NOT Mine.
Sguysoft and Rupert Gates and Perky Pat Layouts. Gangsters.
Bank Vaults of perception locked in the interests of National security.
SguysoftwareAmazoogleMonsantesco Mart

How often are the worlds of our lives like a Perky Pat Layout?"

PKD keeps us all sane, by writing the irrational with love.
The Nag Hammadi text seem to act as a kind of ancient tech-support system for V.A.L.I.S and so then, his other works too it seems?
Panspermia, inter-species communication, synthetic indicties, intelligent lichen. Corporate Gangsterism. Greed and excess.

PKD "Inspiring big enough Dreams to swallow back GOD hole."
At the same time transubstantiation introduced by Can-D.
P K. Dick, Norbet Wiener and King Kong?
Feedback loops and cybernetics.
Man and machine languages.

Mathmatical theory of communication and Claude Shannon.

4.62 Grables,

1.46 Wagners

16 selkirks

8 Freuds of stress.

4 Truffle Skins

PKD Truffle skins; depreciating currency.
With advanced genetic security.
Cybernetic agents, chemical agents.
At the same time
Cybernetic subjectivity "paradox".

"Aboard his ship Eldritch had-still has-a carefully maintained culture of a lichen very much resembling the Titanian lichen from which Can-D is derived. - PKD, TTSOPE, Pg. 17

Panspermia and other sosmo-spore-bio-matter theories seem to be getting more legitimate, more better researched and communicated in 2008. Plus we have new information about conditions for the growth of lichen on Titan in 2008.

Two faced feature-objects. Blogjects.
At the same time...

"Palmer Eldritch was too wild and dazzling a solo pro; he had accomplished miracles in getting autofac production started on the colony planets, but - as always he had gone too far, schemed too much. Consumer goods had piled up in unlikely places where no colonists existed to make use of them. Mountains of debris, they had become, - PKD, TTSOPE, Pg 13.

--Reflects on our current 2007 machine-human
consumer interface. The FREE market or "Genghis Khan" economy. Who eats who? The empire never ended.--

That Can-D," he said to miss Jurgens, "Is great stuff, and no wonder its banned, Its like religion; Can-D is the religion of the colonists." He chuckled. - PKD, TTSOPE Pg 24.

--Can-D® in this context seems to reflect the drug problem on planet earth.

Products, autofaq'd. If a faq'd up Disney-fied©" or "Dell-fied®" "Mc Coked--" and "Addi-Niked¿" resulting in a Dickian feeling that the environment surrounding you is engineered and broadcast by a kind of PKD Pre-fash consultancy agency, on most sophisticated "High Streets" a pharmaceutical cartel and maybe a Telecommunications giant robot too.

He recalled the day his L-P record collection had fused together in a lump, back around 04', due to momentary failure in the building's cooling network. - PKD, pg 8. TTSOPE

This "fusion" has happened to me too once
I was in a car when my LP's were left exposed to sunlight and they Became shaped like flower pots, wavy vinyl flowers pots, and when i
Tried to play them the sound was warped too.

Consciousness. Continuity of process.
Technological artefacts - and parameters of subjectivity.
Evereywhere without a hero?
Its their futures, not our's. At the same time.

PKD and his phalanx of charcters seem determined to drag us all with them into their future. I get the feeling they flow backwards too though.
PKD everyware.

"You precogs." remarkable. maybe there were alternate futures. "So you want me to order her in the future always to back you up?" Leo' - PKD, PKD, TTSOPE pg. 19.

Constructing a better future by ordering the robot gods,
blogjects, self-fabricating objects, universal nano-constructors to construct it, Or keep the ubiquitous tech-support system running the kind of reality reality you desire, or can imagine at the same time. What show do you want to tune into, what pharma corp, news media or hell?

PKD, Pound, Burroughs, Dali, Joyce and Bob, are all very precise and careful writers, masters, iconoclasts, super-geniuses! of the word sign symbol worlds. Reaching Beyond language.

A unique unique talent by which they can relay their messages from
Occulted places and rebound them back to us the reader, through utilizing: Multiple Points Of View, Epiphany, Ideogramic Method, Critical paranoia, Holographic prose.
Consciousness- continuity of process.

All these various languaging tools help us readers and co-creators to see and perceive better, more synergistically, If we can have a little patience and compassion for their messages lingering all around us. Let em' come down. At the same time.

I say:..

Read the work of Philip K. Dick in groups. Talk and tell tales, watch the PKD movies, Bladrunner and A Scanner Darkly and make comparisons. Maybe Smoke a joint, dance, sing and shout about it. Do a jig, spin and swirl around your bedroom or lounge-pod.

The spore-casting tools enhance the experience greatly too in 2019 as its always nice to hear a human voice.

Fly Agaric 23.

edited: 22/12/2007