Tuesday, January 13, 2015

on viola peaces

There can be no holy wars'

Violence is psychically self-defeating'

Follow my logic? All violence in the
name of religion and/or the Sovereign
reeks of hypocrisy

All hateful and hurtful shit
flung in the faces of believers
still sticks. Stop that.

Holyness and Goddlyness
if you like must be with those
who wage peace and those who
show compassion

...and we all go blind

Tolerance of far right and
left ideology equally
to come back with all
the positive energy and
cheerfullness one can
muster to bolster the
rollercoaster to mindpeace.

A mighty chess game
with thousands of players
complex strategy hidden
variables to invariance 
dance of faith on cracking
ice sheet oh shit forgot to
check mate chequemite