Sunday, January 11, 2009

An interview with Dr. Robert Anton Wilson 2019!

Howard Hallis: Do you feel that we as a species can evolve beyond death? Is immortality possible? If it is, in what ways do you feel we would have to adjust as a society to deal with eternal life?

RAW: I think it’s worth aiming for. Maybe the only way we can do it is by transferring our consciousness into silicon chips. Maybe we can transfer our consciousness into lasers. Maybe we can find a way to have the biological body regenerating and rejuvenating itself. These are all interesting areas of speculation and there’s actual research going on that may yield some answers to this. I don’t think we should just accept death with equanimity any more than slaves accepted slavery. We should rebel against it. It’s degrading! It’s insulting! It’s painful! I think it’s one of the things we need to get rid of. If life does become eternal, I think we’re going to to have to become an interplanetary and interstellar species, because longevity will make the population crunch get even worse if we stay on one planet. With longevity looming and immortality a theoretical possibility, we’re going to have to start exploring extra planetary living. There’s so much energy/resources out there, that will quickly solve all our energy/resource problems. I think it’s a coincidence, or more than a coincidence, that interplanetary travel and longevity are dawning at about the same time.

Non-Euclidean Times. January 11th 2019.