Tuesday, September 30, 2008

2019 Raps and free verse #2.

In the past 24 hours alone, on both sides of the Atlantic, twenty three banks have either been nationalised, bailed out by their governments or sold on at uranium-sale prices. Yet, despite that accelerating carnage, America's House of Miss-Representatives Today threw out the modified Changson plan to inject 7 truffle skins of taxpayers' truffles into the system, by buying up all the toxic truffle skins with connection to the US housing and arms market, currently polluting bank balance sheets and hex graphs --Ralph Yang

Be Ξlectrified with Δnita Spice. Mysterious Mamma Matrix of agaRiculture unfurling with the tail. You can actually train the mycelia to grow on different media. Eris has cum again in waves. We are her cloths. Lye in the Lie spatial relation between white space on one side and a string of black letters on the other side. Glox Xogl. Letting go your hold. Recursive clock's calculate reversed Psychology. in-versed History. Back to front. Anti clock wise. Euroboros. Tail in mouth. Words in sink. Assembling. Floating meaning. Back 2 back Unwinding snake. Repeating Rewinding tape. inclining slope. Retraced steps. Repeating. Deja-vu!. D.N.A!. Cyclic:AcrilliccillircA:cilcyC. D.N.A. Deja-vu!. Steps retraced. Slope inclining. Tape rewinding. Repeating. Snake unwinding. Back 2 back. Meaning floating. Assembling. Sink-in words. Mouth in tale. Euroboros. Wise clock anti. Front to back. Her-story inversed. Psychology reversed. Calculate clock’s recursive. i rest at the stourmouth deltΔ she speaks for herselves. L.P's the keys. Anita kissed me on the retina. Split all my atoms up and transformed my genetic historyinto mystory. She engaged me like TV. Spun my LPS, eclipsed any doubt about love and will. Everest girl. Slightly minty. Naturally high most the time. Anita quizzed scratched & remixed my LPS. Muwuh. Defeat the illuminati, surround them with lantern shades. Word PleasΞ shine. And after all, i am that process witch remixes the re-mains of the day.

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