Tuesday, September 30, 2008

2019 Raps and free verse #1.

Full of love. invisible but still detectable with turntable. Ξarth blue green globe image from 1968, Earth blue marble, fragile Dreamy days. Bob's up again. Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and Until they have rebelled they will have a limited conscious. Thunder bolts tattooed down her spine, electric blue tentacles from the SKY gods crawled right the way up her arms. Anacon₫a coda. Permeating SKY with GU₢T. wireless MANA. Pirate thinking. Storm in Nirvana. Nu-leaf art using chlorophyll. Grow your mantra. X-women birth the invisible content mass-age. Mutants rise. Goth E'mo Ragga Electro Punk Bling. ARiSE! A circus GU¢T Tent awaits your dancing feet. Scenario universe appears to be a verb. Juggling! So lets negotiate our story together, Grey-apes with snow seed but sea foam Abcdenakonda frothing Alone i'm confused upon a Bridge, The willows darken this tour Embankment. Wonderlandful. Trapped in linguistic constructs. Luckily, we have congas. The Melancholy of everything finished! Spelling t r o u b l e for images. Trubble elbburT. icecream architecture. Maybe freedom reflects the logic of just sitting on you’re frozen arse surrounded by sprouts in a field? Mothers Great Undefined Shield Theory: track titles and sleeve artwork communicate like the Aphex Tweed. Mysterious ear of midnight. Depth of the North clouds with Pelt of rain, middle son of anxiety, Deep northern midknightspring. Yarrow stalks and the man in the high castle dance till Sun set. Yes flys yes esoteric like O.T.Oss and O. N. Oneris.Hail!.

Swimming and "STOP" oh loud, tell me why? And the number is six, the year two thousand the message, love love massage and raps for crowds, free wee all together now, free we cannot stand these devils or let them dictate our level. Many homeless, dissplaced and starving. Jobless and hopeless. ugh. Dig this collage of pebblespedal, metalstone to the marrowbonel and my feet firm on the ground. Respect to all the writers fighters rappers and slappers i bumped into walking streets in San Fran, New York and Birmingham, never heard of me? Canal-bus and cannabis.

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