Tuesday, September 30, 2008

2019 Raps and free verse #2.

In the past 24 hours alone, on both sides of the Atlantic, twenty three banks have either been nationalised, bailed out by their governments or sold on at uranium-sale prices. Yet, despite that accelerating carnage, America's House of Miss-Representatives Today threw out the modified Changson plan to inject 7 truffle skins of taxpayers' truffles into the system, by buying up all the toxic truffle skins with connection to the US housing and arms market, currently polluting bank balance sheets and hex graphs --Ralph Yang

Be Ξlectrified with Δnita Spice. Mysterious Mamma Matrix of agaRiculture unfurling with the tail. You can actually train the mycelia to grow on different media. Eris has cum again in waves. We are her cloths. Lye in the Lie spatial relation between white space on one side and a string of black letters on the other side. Glox Xogl. Letting go your hold. Recursive clock's calculate reversed Psychology. in-versed History. Back to front. Anti clock wise. Euroboros. Tail in mouth. Words in sink. Assembling. Floating meaning. Back 2 back Unwinding snake. Repeating Rewinding tape. inclining slope. Retraced steps. Repeating. Deja-vu!. D.N.A!. Cyclic:AcrilliccillircA:cilcyC. D.N.A. Deja-vu!. Steps retraced. Slope inclining. Tape rewinding. Repeating. Snake unwinding. Back 2 back. Meaning floating. Assembling. Sink-in words. Mouth in tale. Euroboros. Wise clock anti. Front to back. Her-story inversed. Psychology reversed. Calculate clock’s recursive. i rest at the stourmouth deltΔ she speaks for herselves. L.P's the keys. Anita kissed me on the retina. Split all my atoms up and transformed my genetic historyinto mystory. She engaged me like TV. Spun my LPS, eclipsed any doubt about love and will. Everest girl. Slightly minty. Naturally high most the time. Anita quizzed scratched & remixed my LPS. Muwuh. Defeat the illuminati, surround them with lantern shades. Word PleasΞ shine. And after all, i am that process witch remixes the re-mains of the day.

2019 Raps and free verse #1.

Full of love. invisible but still detectable with turntable. Ξarth blue green globe image from 1968, Earth blue marble, fragile Dreamy days. Bob's up again. Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and Until they have rebelled they will have a limited conscious. Thunder bolts tattooed down her spine, electric blue tentacles from the SKY gods crawled right the way up her arms. Anacon₫a coda. Permeating SKY with GU₢T. wireless MANA. Pirate thinking. Storm in Nirvana. Nu-leaf art using chlorophyll. Grow your mantra. X-women birth the invisible content mass-age. Mutants rise. Goth E'mo Ragga Electro Punk Bling. ARiSE! A circus GU¢T Tent awaits your dancing feet. Scenario universe appears to be a verb. Juggling! So lets negotiate our story together, Grey-apes with snow seed but sea foam Abcdenakonda frothing Alone i'm confused upon a Bridge, The willows darken this tour Embankment. Wonderlandful. Trapped in linguistic constructs. Luckily, we have congas. The Melancholy of everything finished! Spelling t r o u b l e for images. Trubble elbburT. icecream architecture. Maybe freedom reflects the logic of just sitting on you’re frozen arse surrounded by sprouts in a field? Mothers Great Undefined Shield Theory: track titles and sleeve artwork communicate like the Aphex Tweed. Mysterious ear of midnight. Depth of the North clouds with Pelt of rain, middle son of anxiety, Deep northern midknightspring. Yarrow stalks and the man in the high castle dance till Sun set. Yes flys yes esoteric like O.T.Oss and O. N. Oneris.Hail!.

Swimming and "STOP" oh loud, tell me why? And the number is six, the year two thousand the message, love love massage and raps for crowds, free wee all together now, free we cannot stand these devils or let them dictate our level. Many homeless, dissplaced and starving. Jobless and hopeless. ugh. Dig this collage of pebblespedal, metalstone to the marrowbonel and my feet firm on the ground. Respect to all the writers fighters rappers and slappers i bumped into walking streets in San Fran, New York and Birmingham, never heard of me? Canal-bus and cannabis.

Power Threat. Money Value Credit and the Internet of THONGS

Power struggle. Economic Struggle Power (ESP) Self depreciating Currency, Stamp script and truffle skins. Philip K. Dick and Virtual Ghost bank credit union strike! (see Palmer Eldridge at SKYSOFT) The threat of the generalized statement! Sovereign Power Arm wrestling and mud slinging. RFID chips in gravy. Money, how is it? and how did it get that way. A Billion? a Trillion? a Truffle skin?
"Any general statement is like a check drawn on a bank. Its value depends on what is there to meet it. --Ezra Pound

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Particle Physics Expriment Crashes World Banking System

Article at the cleaners. Arrives Tuesday afternoon.

"A panic sell-off
The sell-off was a clear case of panic, something not seen since the 1987 crash and 9/11, set off by complete surprise by traders and investors that the bill, crafted over the weekend, would fail.

The only source of strength in the market was mushroom-spores and short-term Treasury bills. Spores closed up $5.90 or 0.7% to $894.40 in New York. The yield on the 30-day Treasury bill fell to 0.07% as investors were far more interested in simple safety than actual return. "

Friday, September 19, 2008

Asteroid 2002 NT7 full of new mycelium cultures, says Stan Crotchole


These boots were made for Christopher Walkin

Washington. D.C --John Walker Lindh left jail today, on one leg and with two hooks for arms he looked like something from the old sci-fi movies from Hollywood. On his return to Fairfax CA he re-joined his band for a coming home show. His new single "i chalk the line" is available as an interactive GAME as of yesterday, a game that he has been working on with his psychological helpers inside his jail theatre for the last 8 years.

Now free again, JWLDH has set up a non-profit organization for American-Taliban refugees living with cancer in the U.S.A and has a really funky charitable jam every last Friday of the month. Sometimes JWLDH performs such classics as "Hip Hop Hook Wink" "Hop on By" and "Fake a chalk on the Wild side" and of course "This boot was made for Christopher Walkin'.

His Bluesy Reggae tinged Hook Hop variations on the WALKING theme make a great soundtrack for 2019 and the mass exodus of humanity up the stairway to the moon, opened on Thursday in Wolverhampton, England and now the scene of the largest cue ever seen on earth.

--Donald Duncan Dekker. (ZOD NEWS)


1. MYCO WIGGS by Silvia Catastrophi.
Silvia has constructed an instillation of rapid growth wigs that also allow for images to be relayed through each fiber, thus she blends images from the last bits of the natural world like streams, tree trunks and rocks upon 13 MYCO WIGS. Together the Moving Hair Pictures grow and change color to create a breathtaking exhibition of epidermal Artwork.

2. 2009 Death of Death by Dale Scutterford
A 70 ft. Mural depicting the Death of Death war of 2009 painted on whats left of the U.S Pentagon building. The scenes of fungal infection and combustion are some of the most brilliant ever captured by a painter of the web 3.0 period, Dale Scutterford brings death of death to life in this masterful burner using the Pentagon as an ideographic counterpoint device.

What are you having for dinner tonight, fly?

Tonight i ate Kellogg's cat sap' and Nestle' mutton broth--soup--washed down with coca cola blood with a tipple of Jack Daniels old Saturn elixir--water. Alone, well not alone really but I'm the only body of pumps and pipes in this particular room, this evening. Just finished my Game study session with Bobtech' and so have an appetite for some sweet desert this evening, I think I'm having the hummus um...or maybe I'll take the Afghan truffle skins as they were so yummy yesterday; i think I'll have one or two of em for desert yeah, um...Truffle skins.

Diary note. September 20th 2019;

This evening after study I am coming around to the thinking that Buckminster Fuller was really being sabotaged by some hidden hand of the American Government and their world around business partners; so as to prevent him giving away SYNERGY and his other great ideas as free gifts for all world-around humanity. While sucking on a truffle earlier this evening i pondered upon the evidence for a great conspiracy against Bucky, there must have been some dark and sordid force plotting against him? like the CIA techno-pirates, Standard Oil or some big Banks? otherwise how could the world have not taken up his design science principles earlier? It turns out it was the CIA's counter-intelligence department, the same robots that dogged Orson Welles, were also on assignment to dissrupt the life and works of Bucky Fuller. Those bastards left us a right mess to try and clear up, not many from the company made it after the 2015 purge, but those that did are still mostly tools of TSOG. Old news now i suppose, everybody knows the the story of the rise and fall on the spooks, don't they?