Tuesday, November 14, 2017

They Came To Starburg (Audio Short Story)

The Fuck You Sound feat. Steve Fly

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Turn It Down

2015 sounds
 what do you mean...sounds 
sound as a pound or, a Joyce voice prick?
Life in a Philip K. 

dick short story or trick, who knows
the next lick, grab your stick follow 
water, you oughta’ support her the 
mermaid merry in the mouth we must
marry, to carry the slurry, 

no mistakes don’t be sorry
play without worry, dance 
in the streets, get your boots 
on yer feets, step up friend

skip to the plate, release treats
with the beats, neat fold 
up your sheets with a tree in the 
crease, ignite and look east

feast your mind 
on the beast, anti-christ off the 
leash, make this your wish
eat the mic to wish, keep the mash
with the fish.

Turn it down to see the other side, 
the down side, the shit-slide, the mind-ride inside
looking far below where the breakbeats flow

the lower lights, cid-flights, in sync they go
falling or flying living or dying
film in a film in a film in a film
T.V can’t stop lying
the opposition movement trying

to break the monopoly
on bleeding the economy
and blocking our autonomy
it gets to me
i hope you see
the neuro-relativity

getting back in the game in the
flame out of name sake
jump into the fire, be the 
wheel and the tire
prospect for good will 

and spill a wise wordthrill trill
till pastures for others 
the future of others

so burn your shit down 
burn your shit down
remove all possessions and pass
on the lessons

learn your shit down learn 
your shit down
pick up the teaching 
before you go preaching

Run your shit down run 
your shit down
run it into the 
street run it on the

Turn it down

Turn it down

Turn it down

Turn it down

Turn it down

Turn It Down

Corporate Music
Turn It Down

T.V Shit
Turn It Down

Out Of Date Meat
Turn It Down

Turn It Down

Haarp Net
Turn It Down

Drone Commanders
Turn It Down