Saturday, February 14, 2009

Apoptosis Drosphilia Amrita Mushrumber

A Retrospective of a Revolutionary breakthrough in Nanotechnoloy, Genetics and Ontology (Of the primate variety).

As the word-warriors wrestle with misbehaving snakes - labelling machines - putting names on things that defy description, such is they're slippery poly-ontological statusphericalness - Pure Information = Great Surprise & cures. Heal yourself and then question the cucumber:

Pickled cucumbers are often referred to simply as "pickles" in the U.S. or "Gherkins" or "Wallies" in the U.K, the latter name being more common in the north of England where it refers to the large vinegar-pickled cucumbers commonly sold in fish & chip shops. - Cucumber

The fusion-remixtune of interdisciplinary Mushrumber epistrophy, Neurological Apoptosis and fly Amrita - intertwinning - together like DNA strands, at the nanoscale is one of the great benefits drosphilia-ontological inspired nanoscientists "111 Team" introduced into all our lives in 2009.

The catalyst can be traced to the outbreak of THINKING FOR YOURSELF, AND QUESTIONING AUTHORITY around the globe. The first step to maintaining a healthy and functioning - interactive nervous system - (INS). The MIND-BRAIN interface of the human being programs both the software, and the new-flesh hardware: cells, proteins, microtubles, chemical bonds, bone, triggers, and the atomic industrial building communes. Born from a healthy BRAIN-MIND interfaceblook. By default, one which must think for itself and question authority. The base - basic - program for powering conscious perception, memory and cognitive functions. Maintaining "I". But, and without the question, the program will not move to the next state. "IF?" Creating an entropic-apoptosistic loop.

Negentropic-anti-apoptosistic spirals of creative SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH, on behalf of all humanity created a wave of public based new effective research and developement. For profit and exploitation of, poetry and new QUESTIONS. HUMANITY began QUESTIONING everything, and thinking for themselves, checking their data with other data from a universal, world-around, statistical community feedback internet, we witnessed the collective human leap into scientific and research based culture emerging like new shoots in springtime. Leaving faith-based initiatives wrestling in the desert with dried up papyrus made of hemp.

Scientific research based culture, with a generally - individualist Gorilla Ontological perspectivism - grew in a matter of just a few months during the summer of 2009. This scientific research can be further broken down into sub-categories. Although IMHO the beginning of reductionist methods of explanation are in some sense isomorphic with the entropic-apoptsis - extinguished by the Apoptosis Drosphilia Amrita Mushrumber period of 21st century history.

In April 2009 the Muscarinic anatagonist (FA23) was introduced to various Drosphilia genes. The results, once distributed and shared with the world-around - scientific and medical community - bought all-around the world humanity together in that they started asking more intelligent questions: where is the crooked mushrumber?

From the Crooked Mushrumber: 2009.
Toxicity tests showed that the acriliq-silver nanodots were non toxic to various human cells growing in culture. The 111 team then added the nanodots to cells triggered to undergo apoptosis and were able to image those cells as they went through programmed cell death. Based on these results, the researchers prepared other nanodots containing antibodies that bind to other molecules involved in apoptosis. Psilocybyn. Dimethytriptomine. Cannabinol. LSD. for example. They then added these antibody-linked nanodots and the amrita-drosphilia-(FA23) linked nanodots to cultured mycelium.

This work is detailed in the paper "Polyplex targeting, spore tracking, and imaging of amrita-apoptosis by LUCEFERIN spectroscopic dots." An investigator from the University of Mushrumber.

The insect steroid hormone ecdysone triggers (AMRITA23) programmed cell death during metamorphosis and provides a model system for understanding MUSCARINIC hormone control of cell death and cell immortality.

The duo-core-layer membranes, with hydrophilic Acrillic outsides and hydrophobic Kinobic insides that encapsulate biological cells. Inside each of which hydrophobically caged single electron Q-BITS compute I/0 quantum questions. M(2) muscarinic receptors therefore appear to coexist as active monomers and largely or wholly inactive olgaomers in solubilized extracts of (FA23) cells.

The roles of DECAY, DAMM, STRICACRILLIC, and to some extent DREDD have now been fully explored, FULLY, in the apoptotic pathway of Drosophila cells. Here's how:

To move things through the membrane, 111 team biology developed so-called
channels, water-filled tubes. These 111 pipes are nanoscale in cross section, and permit nutrients, wastes, amrita-mushrumber juice - to pass between the cell and its environment. The 111 team used self-assembled structures of ring-shaped molecules called acryclic SMI2LE peptides - to construct artificial canals. These small amrita-peptides stack on top of one another into an arrangement that looks like a nanoscale stack of phonograph records and makes an artificial channel, like the GROOVE in a phonoglyph DISK.

As the apoptosis-drosphilia-amrita-mushrumber regulating caspases are activated during the apoptotic process, several hyperspace-hydrolyzable, Bioluminessence Resonance Energy Transfer (BRET)-based substrates have revolutionized the entire field of biological detection of apoptosis.

Team 111 ILLUMINATE the synthesis, novel characterization, and incognito targeting of an engineered (FA23) nanodevice in which foley acid (FA) is conjugated as the targeting molecule and a caspase-specific BRET-based agent (PhiPhLinux F2A3) is conjugated as the apoptosis-armrita-mushrumber detecting secret agent.

This human-drosphilia conjugate specifically targets FA23-receptor-positive, Pisa cells. In these cells, the apoptosis-inducing Ideogramic agent "CH'UANsporine" caused a 9-fold increase in the cellular luminesence. These stunning results show all-around-the-world humanity, for the first time, the potential applicability of a targeted apoptosis-amrita-mushrumber measuring nanodevice, which could be used for simultaneously monitoring the apoptotic potential of a delivered drug.

Such artificial channels can be introduced into the cell membrane,
causing things to leak in and out of the cell with great rapidity using standard - over the counter - nanotechnology pirate packs. Research into the stems of languague, etymology of cells names and proteins and chemical process codes led to a poetic outbreak of negentropic languaging.

The new languaging leads to cultural anti-APOPTOSIS. Renaissance. Eternal rebirth of novelty conserving structures, minority reports and group ontological feedback culture. Responsible for our mind-brain-body functions and software programs manipulating our electric mushrumber meat.

SO my dear readers, we met the challenge of the end of the word, and of the image and of religious faith. The end. And so humanity and the cutting edge dropped off and sunk down to lowest place, right down there, deep at the bottom. The world of the NANO! "Atoms and Ifs" as Joyce said in Finnegans Wake: a nanotechnologists dream text-sequence. Ribonuclickingly re-Translated anti-apoptosis language.

In the world of Atoms and Ifs, the realm of Post-Quantum Mechanics Team 111 have extensive experience in the varied fields of theoretical MAYBELOGIC, practical mathematics, CAD engineering, lithographic printing, neuro-biology, pharmacology, optics, micro-chemistry, 3D modelling, Neuro Linguistic Programing, software engineering, Quantum Psychology, Non-Euclidean Politics, dicing, splicing, scractching, Ideogramic method, nano-dot lithographic engineering.

Team 111 created such groundbreaking mushrumber-technology as.

1. Acrillic Nano-paste. 2010.

2. Apoptsostic Neuro-cabala. 2014

3. Cancer Cell death drink. (100% cure for all forms of cancer). 2011.

4. Amrita-Drosphilia, apoptosis-inducing Ideogramic agent for detecting the BULL-SHIT quotent in any given text.

5. CH'UANsporine, culural apoptosis-inducing Ideogramic agent for detecting stagnating development. 2009.

--Steven "fly agaric" Pratt.
Feb 15th 2019.