Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Howordz Way, How Words Why, Ow! Words Weigh

Howordz Way

By Fly Agaric

Àpollo versed himself into fish with womb
Piloting poets to DELPHI:
The womb of the Wor.ld
A Womb governing the Oracle of Delphi
Meaning womb
Sauce of Life and Wisdome

flipped into FISH WITH A WOMB by greek logic
The damnable Navy seals and their repulsive poison and accursed ear-
Mistranslate dolphin into

Shamefully perverting a smiling samaritan and guardian of ships into
Destroyer of ship's
Smiling merchant of death
Evil and further devilry in the sickly name of national kaution
Li Sao Li Sao for sorrow
Our only security is change

Sucking my pink thumb i evoke
A Babel ichthus
Decoding To enable alien races to ©omunicare
Speaking with their aboriginal slangwedge
As waves begin taking form
Rising but formed
Holding their form
Foam: sparkling cristal 1494:

Manutius and his Aldine pressa tipografica was sealed by
Dolphin and Anchor ideographix
Suckling pesci with a womb
And navire ancorare
Whirling Stenella longirostris twisting like DNA hélix ribbons
Mind like the whirl without the pool
A tomb without a corps
Dolphfinnegans: connaissance-without-an-objet
Mathematizing sea-good Dolphins classified as mammifére in 1776 by Linnaeus
Mankind scrawls his taxinomie of gnumerous goodz in his book

Surfing Dolphinnegans Wake
Lactating mindfield churned inside out
And turned again into Eins Leary wide uni.verse
La Tao of Joyce
A delfino voix: JANUS

"Phil Adolphos the weary O, the leery, O,
" Dolphin in the wildsbillow
"Light a pike on porpoise
"Pannonia on this porpoise
"Can you nei do her, numb? asks Dolph
"Spirit spires Dolph
" Godolphinglad in the Hoy's Court
" Godolphing in fairlove

"Dolphin's Barncar. Wan Ceteroom;
"Cods' cradle and porpoise plain
"Simple philadolphus
"Traduced into jinglish janglage
" For the nusances of dolphins born.
" Adolphted such an Adelphus! Jerry Godolphing"

Uncertain.tea brewing the womb of future porpossebili.tea
Disentangle the Dauphine stir into Auvergnat
Adding condensed mammal latte for spiral galaxy

Original swinners with oración credentials
Traduced into jinglish janglage
For the nusances of Delphinus born
Babel mammal surfing a word warywide web
Barbarous Godolphin horse speak

And Poseidon took over the titles of le Royal Pallas
Sea beast and salmoneus the human oak king
De Dagdafinn
sanghasongs of Salmon read knowledge
Percolating La Boyne Water

®osa dauphin à gros nez corkscrews up a cherry waterspout
Gyrating along the Amazon
Like a brief lived raspberryframboise ripple cascade
A Rubescent ivory strudel.
Salmoneus thrusting out its whirlpoint towards the ruddy riverun
Above the earth a garden of rose trees
Flowers blooming and dying all-at-once
Pink porpoise cloud portal hatchway for
Returning Bufeo Colorado

Dusky faces and pearl shoulder blade oscillating through upward fountains
Petals of frosted skin shed and fall
Through the coral cetoessa fontana
Glowing apricot as sunset leaves
Their ochre clings to their fuselage
Tangerine rust against the sunlight thrusting up a vertical river mouth
Godz puckered roseo lips sucking and blowing with circular breath

®osewine vortice linking heaven and terroir
The Ocean sky ladder exited by delphinidae godolphinnx
Leaving munkind a soggy porpoise corpus which reads
Cherry'O and tanks for all the fish
Tromba d'acqua
dances furthur down river back out to the ocean
And makes porpoise portalz
Suckling up Cetacea With kundalini zing
Meeting the Palladium moonlight casting a crescent silhouette
Prophecie'd since Aldus printed the
Hypnerotomachia Poliphili
Transduced as
by Flipper
The great cétacémostro marino
Comming from Greek ketos sea-munster
God A Hikue and goddess Hiuaoioi flipping summersalts

voices float on the sea aire
Festina lente as Arion's lyr
And Jason dreams upon his chrusos fleece
Deciphering from Delphine to English
The ice of the owlphin in aire is lyke whoman?
Dolpfinnz pronounce owls un ombinaxionx of owls yet
ill avin rubble ith onsonanz

Shark of the covenant appears quilted in sea-beast skins
And sacred Shoulder blades are boiled and brewed into
Delphilazarus elixir
PALLADIUM moonshine
Now Watch the waves as they roll
Ripples and eddies coiling outwards
From the galactating Dauphine constellation of
Strange aquatic attractors that inflowenced us here
Comunicación between bard and porpoise
The Intelligenz sporterspout

songs ode to Temples of Tethys
Voixed by the sweetest Goddess of la océano
Lamenting mammal babel re©orded in doggerel by hoo-ha GODMEN
As another TYPE of critter
And Pelops married Hippodamia down river
And was sad when she returned to the sea
No longer strange to rediscover fossilized PAKICETUS poems?
A genus of extinct
Cétacé poesé épica
Found in the upper Eocene of Pakistan
Once-upon-a-time part of the coast skirting
Tethys Ozean

The truth paddles around the ruins of Peos
With the Sonne in its golden wor.ld cup
La argent apples of the lune
Le golden pomme's of the sole mixedmashed
Into a and whiffy fishélixir Finnsmoothé

bathes close to the celestial equatore
And the same stars glittered above the noir sea
while Howard plays in electric-ultramarine waves then swimming again
Rushing up the Crathis towards the Styx
In mating season
Charged with lust up through the river bouche fresh from the mare
Making haste slowly
Dolphin kicking and jamming, in the year of the water bearer
Li Sao
Li Sao for sorrow

Peace Borso
Be as eternal peace in the vortex of evolution
Li Sao
And thanks
for all the poisson

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

DJ FLY AGARIC 23 Presents: Saturnalia Christmess 23 (2009)

Saturnalia Christmess 23 by flyagaric23

Vinyl spun on two Vestax turntables, recorded on Zoom H4 recorder.

Marshmallow World - DARLENE LOVE
Ballistic Affair version - CHANNEL ONE STUDIO
All I Want For Christmas Is You - THE LARKS
Trouble Sleep Yanga Wake Am - FELA KUTI
I Ain't Fattening No Frogs For Snakes - THE LARKS
Sleigh Ride - THE RONETTES
"Rockin' with Reed - JIMMY REED
And I Won't Tell The Truth About You - JAMES BROWN

Compiled by DJ Fly Agaric 23, at fly agaric studios' Oosterpark, Amsterdam. 23rd December 2009.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Octopussy & Ants Use Bacteria to Make Their Gardens Grow

"Here's a new one to add to the list: the ant farmers, like their human counterparts, depend on nitrogen-fixing bacteria to make their gardens grow. The finding, reported Nov. 20 in the journal Science, documents a previously unknown symbiosis between ants and bacteria and provides insight into how leaf-cutter ants have come to dominate the American tropics and subtropics.

"These are sensational fossils, extraordinarily well preserved," says Dirk Fuchs of the Freie University Berlin, lead author of the report. But what surprised the scientists most was how similar the specimens are to modern octopus: "these things are 95 million years old, yet one of the fossils is almost indistinguishable from living species." This provides important evolutionary information. "The more primitive relatives of octopuses had fleshy fins along their bodies. The new fossils are so well preserved that they show, like living octopus, that they didn't have these structures." This pushes back the origins of modern octopus by tens of millions of years, and while this is scientifically significant, perhaps the most remarkable thing about these fossils is that they exist at all. -

Friday, December 11, 2009


Chinese Iron Plow, Tien Kung Jai Wu, 1637.

To add the prefix 'Plough' or 'Plow' to the title 'share this course' turns up a furtive picture, to my mind, of a universal process recorded throughout most human cultures. Keeping with the themes of Agriculture, farming and working with the earth, ecology, environment & climate. Transforming knowledge from the spirit-web-net-world into life-sustaining livingry & earthworks.

Ploughing can imply the cutting-edge or leading edge of the driving ploughshare itself, like the the diamond-tip of a phonograph stylus, but literally ground-breaking and earth-shattering. I like to think this reflects our work on share this book. The ‘plowshare’ might be a good pictograph for us to consider. 'Plough' & 'Share' bond well with the words 'book' and 'course'.

A 'shire' horse might power the plough, or an OX, but horse has a nice rhyme structure together with 'course' and shire with 'share' to make 'Shire this horse'. Other metaphors based on the 'horse-course' 'Plough-share' puns maybe extended to horse-manure and the process of spreading 'course-manure' (mememure) 'Share this horse-manure' or 'Share this muck'. Soiled puns dragged through earthdirt to alert the playful reader that - aware, this book!

The constellation of stars known as the 'plough' or 'Big Dipper' gives us a beautiful model of the old hermetic principle approximated to 'as above, so below'. This ‘plough to the stars’ metaphor was adopted by some Irish rebels and poet-playwrights, in their struggle for independence. A part of me thinks 'Ploughshares to the stars’ might be a good slogan for ‘Share this book’, to my mind today.

Maybe the book itself (if manufactured) will be made with seeds and fertilizer? (possibly moulded into the hard cover and spine) therefore in the right conditions the book may literally be 'ploughed' back into the earth. As Cadmus ploughed serpents teeth at Thebes.

Some of todays word play:

Declare endorse and share this coarse verse chorus of us. We're this book, buy book or by crook. Share this joint. Wear this corset. Share this purse. Ear this verse. Where this source, open? Deal this book. Aware this book. Snare this book on the reaping hook. Bare this, look. Swear this book, cross your heart. Oxhousehumper Cart. Blare this verse, sing. Flare this force. Fair this bourse? Spare this curse. Steer this brook.

Burial chamber of Sennedjem, Scene: Plowing farmer.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Share This Course.

Hi folks, I’m currently collaborating with a small but growing group of web critters led by Mark Pesce, but he's not the leader really, we are a unique decentralized community, which will lead, good willing to the manifestation of a book! scheduled for completion in 2010 and loosly based around the emerging hyperintelligence and 'hyperpeople' as defined by Mark Pesce and approximated as sharing.

As sharing is the core of – share this course & share this book – the group have recently alerted me by example to a slight change in direction to just posting at the blog, that has encouraged me here to start sharing some of our work so far, and spreading the new sharing meme, now, in early December 2009.

My position so far, inspired by the cooking and ingredients analogy with the group-course blog space, is like that of a particular individual ingredient scattered around the kitchen area, or up on a shelf somewhere waiting to be combined, or grated a little, boiled, skinned, fried, charbroiled, roasted, toasted and finally with a bit of luck, served-up with a huge healthy spread of exotic delicacies and shared wisdom, enough to feed all humanity.

I’ve been sharing my vision of a new investigation into the historical figures that I think have influenced sharing and the technology of sharing that produced great contributions to all-around-the-world-Humanity, and as a nod to the MLA and the smart tribe of critters that createdits own collective hyper-intelligence, if you like. I choose to focus on the twelve individuals introduced to us by Dr. Robert Anton Wilson, as the characters who helped shape the - decentralized sharing age -, or simply the 21st century. We can learn from the past efforts to share, and from them create a new historical framework of sharing, one reaching 420 years back to Giordano Bruno and pulling us right up to Marshall McLuhan.

These characters present a great challenge to anybody who has read one or two books or articles by them, no doubt, BOB aspired to keep us busy for the next 50 years with the fields of research and study he wet our mind-lips with. These ideas are pretty complex ideas and come from complex individuals of explicit genius, difficult to approach and shrouded in mystery, this maybe especially true to somebody who has relatively little experience in academic circles, like myself, where much of the solid foundations of this new historical - hyperintelligent tribe – lie, please don't mistake my intellectual pursuits of 'The Tale of the Tribe' as representative of what I think - Share this book - should be about. Not at all. I view this angle of approach as more concerned with - share this course - or the creation of a hyperintelligence, unbounded and access-able and - sharable - by anyone who can access the WWW.

With the power of Internet and the rise of hypersharing culture (hyperdistribution, hyperconnectivity, hyperbolic Geometry) and with the aid of new tools, many minds can congregate together and work quickly, efficiently and humanely, and my ego-drive hope is that others may soon join us in this collective adventure of sharing - sharing - and maybe a few critters will find enough time to follow my historical investigation into the people and ideas that helped to shape intelligent internet and create another alternative guide to sharing - free as the air you breath, and for all-around-the-world-humanity, or as close to the model correlated by Dr. Wilson, a life-long intellectual pursuit but one which I hope will add some spice and sugar to some of the more practical data due to be shared on the course and eventually in the book.

At the blog you'll discover different sharing activity and feedback defining sharing, and you’ll probably find items more to your own fancy, whoever you are. And, if you don’t find anything interesting at the blog then maybe search youtube for Mark Pesce and listen to his hyperflow motion languaging.

The following text was prepared by an intelligence calling itself gregorym(tm), over at the blog, I think it helps define the course and a little about what's happening over there, and - how to get involved. Thanks Greg, and Mark, and all the other posters who are providing the high quality content over at the blog.

As a group, we believe that sharing is going to dominate our future as content creators (and as users of the Internet, we are ALL content creators) and that recent innovations like Google Wave and co-presence are going to create an unprecedented era of sharing. What does all this sharing mean for us, right now, individually and collectively?

...The way this works is this – go to the URL. There’s a number of blo posts (maybe thirty) dating back to the start of the project on November the 18th. Click around. Read a little. Post a bit. Share. And when you’re done sharing, click the box that says you want to be informed by email of new comments to what you’ve posted and let’s begin a dialogue about all this stuff.

If you like what you’re seeing – Share This Invite. Just pass it right along, or write your own invite about what Sharing means to you. Here are just a few of the articles that have posted so far:

What is a Book? by Mark Pesce.
Mark Pesce on SHARING in 2009

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Monday, October 5, 2009


Fly Agaric Studio > Bohemian National Home –
Friday, September 18, 2009 @ 1:00-2:00 am [20-0982]
Amsterdam, NL. > Detroit, US.

This episode is a birthday salute to John Coltrane and a bow to the Vernal Equinox with music by John Coltrane selected by Steve “Fly” Agaric 23 at his Oosterpark studio in Amsterdam and programmed by John Sinclair at the Bohemian National Home in Detroit. As Fly says, “Happy Vernal Equinox, or around about, please enjoy this good energy mix in celebration of the music and birth of John Coltrane. Thanks, John!”

Playlist #282

[01] John Sinclair & His Blues Scholars: Welcome
[02] John Coltrane: Equinox
[03]. John Coltrane: Blues Minor
[04] John Coltrane: Crescent
[05] John Coltrane: All or Nothing at All
[06] Miles Davis: ‘Round About Midnight
[07] John Coltrane: The Drum Thing
[08] John Coltrane: Spiritual

Hosted by John Sinclair for Radio Free Amsterdam
Music selected in Amsterdam by Steve “Fly” Agaric 23
Produced, recorded, edited & assembled by John Sinclair in Detroit
Posted by Larry Hayden
Executive Producer: Larry Hayden

© 2009 John Sinclair. All Rights Reserved.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

FLY AGARIC 23 LINKS: fly agaric texts.

My on going research into the biological essence of fly agaric 23' or the Amanita mushroom that struck me as the perfect avatar for a DJ, Writer, Drummer, Virus - like myself. What started out as a fun nick-name turned reached out into a labyrinth of books, articles, magazines and academic subjects, and internet web-sites - I would otherwise hardly binked at. The "fly agaric" avatar of mine lead to the discovery of Amanita's in the work of the late great Dr. Robert Anton Wilson - my favourite writer and hero of the 21st century counter-cultural re-revolutio - cemented the 'fly agaric' to the '23' enigma and kick-started a creative research project thats still under construction, but showing signs of congressing together - in the meantime, here's some TEXTS to help you, my dear reader, understand WHY fly agaric, and how the biological "thing" found in nature today has wriggled it's way throughout human history, and how I have refelcted some of my findings off a biologically rooted kind of meme gas --Steve fly.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Apoptosis Drosphilia Amrita Mushrumber

A Retrospective of a Revolutionary breakthrough in Nanotechnoloy, Genetics and Ontology (Of the primate variety).

As the word-warriors wrestle with misbehaving snakes - labelling machines - putting names on things that defy description, such is they're slippery poly-ontological statusphericalness - Pure Information = Great Surprise & cures. Heal yourself and then question the cucumber:

Pickled cucumbers are often referred to simply as "pickles" in the U.S. or "Gherkins" or "Wallies" in the U.K, the latter name being more common in the north of England where it refers to the large vinegar-pickled cucumbers commonly sold in fish & chip shops. - Cucumber

The fusion-remixtune of interdisciplinary Mushrumber epistrophy, Neurological Apoptosis and fly Amrita - intertwinning - together like DNA strands, at the nanoscale is one of the great benefits drosphilia-ontological inspired nanoscientists "111 Team" introduced into all our lives in 2009.

The catalyst can be traced to the outbreak of THINKING FOR YOURSELF, AND QUESTIONING AUTHORITY around the globe. The first step to maintaining a healthy and functioning - interactive nervous system - (INS). The MIND-BRAIN interface of the human being programs both the software, and the new-flesh hardware: cells, proteins, microtubles, chemical bonds, bone, triggers, and the atomic industrial building communes. Born from a healthy BRAIN-MIND interfaceblook. By default, one which must think for itself and question authority. The base - basic - program for powering conscious perception, memory and cognitive functions. Maintaining "I". But, and without the question, the program will not move to the next state. "IF?" Creating an entropic-apoptosistic loop.

Negentropic-anti-apoptosistic spirals of creative SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH, on behalf of all humanity created a wave of public based new effective research and developement. For profit and exploitation of, poetry and new QUESTIONS. HUMANITY began QUESTIONING everything, and thinking for themselves, checking their data with other data from a universal, world-around, statistical community feedback internet, we witnessed the collective human leap into scientific and research based culture emerging like new shoots in springtime. Leaving faith-based initiatives wrestling in the desert with dried up papyrus made of hemp.

Scientific research based culture, with a generally - individualist Gorilla Ontological perspectivism - grew in a matter of just a few months during the summer of 2009. This scientific research can be further broken down into sub-categories. Although IMHO the beginning of reductionist methods of explanation are in some sense isomorphic with the entropic-apoptsis - extinguished by the Apoptosis Drosphilia Amrita Mushrumber period of 21st century history.

In April 2009 the Muscarinic anatagonist (FA23) was introduced to various Drosphilia genes. The results, once distributed and shared with the world-around - scientific and medical community - bought all-around the world humanity together in that they started asking more intelligent questions: where is the crooked mushrumber?

From the Crooked Mushrumber: 2009.
Toxicity tests showed that the acriliq-silver nanodots were non toxic to various human cells growing in culture. The 111 team then added the nanodots to cells triggered to undergo apoptosis and were able to image those cells as they went through programmed cell death. Based on these results, the researchers prepared other nanodots containing antibodies that bind to other molecules involved in apoptosis. Psilocybyn. Dimethytriptomine. Cannabinol. LSD. for example. They then added these antibody-linked nanodots and the amrita-drosphilia-(FA23) linked nanodots to cultured mycelium.

This work is detailed in the paper "Polyplex targeting, spore tracking, and imaging of amrita-apoptosis by LUCEFERIN spectroscopic dots." An investigator from the University of Mushrumber.

The insect steroid hormone ecdysone triggers (AMRITA23) programmed cell death during metamorphosis and provides a model system for understanding MUSCARINIC hormone control of cell death and cell immortality.

The duo-core-layer membranes, with hydrophilic Acrillic outsides and hydrophobic Kinobic insides that encapsulate biological cells. Inside each of which hydrophobically caged single electron Q-BITS compute I/0 quantum questions. M(2) muscarinic receptors therefore appear to coexist as active monomers and largely or wholly inactive olgaomers in solubilized extracts of (FA23) cells.

The roles of DECAY, DAMM, STRICACRILLIC, and to some extent DREDD have now been fully explored, FULLY, in the apoptotic pathway of Drosophila cells. Here's how:

To move things through the membrane, 111 team biology developed so-called
channels, water-filled tubes. These 111 pipes are nanoscale in cross section, and permit nutrients, wastes, amrita-mushrumber juice - to pass between the cell and its environment. The 111 team used self-assembled structures of ring-shaped molecules called acryclic SMI2LE peptides - to construct artificial canals. These small amrita-peptides stack on top of one another into an arrangement that looks like a nanoscale stack of phonograph records and makes an artificial channel, like the GROOVE in a phonoglyph DISK.

As the apoptosis-drosphilia-amrita-mushrumber regulating caspases are activated during the apoptotic process, several hyperspace-hydrolyzable, Bioluminessence Resonance Energy Transfer (BRET)-based substrates have revolutionized the entire field of biological detection of apoptosis.

Team 111 ILLUMINATE the synthesis, novel characterization, and incognito targeting of an engineered (FA23) nanodevice in which foley acid (FA) is conjugated as the targeting molecule and a caspase-specific BRET-based agent (PhiPhLinux F2A3) is conjugated as the apoptosis-armrita-mushrumber detecting secret agent.

This human-drosphilia conjugate specifically targets FA23-receptor-positive, Pisa cells. In these cells, the apoptosis-inducing Ideogramic agent "CH'UANsporine" caused a 9-fold increase in the cellular luminesence. These stunning results show all-around-the-world humanity, for the first time, the potential applicability of a targeted apoptosis-amrita-mushrumber measuring nanodevice, which could be used for simultaneously monitoring the apoptotic potential of a delivered drug.

Such artificial channels can be introduced into the cell membrane,
causing things to leak in and out of the cell with great rapidity using standard - over the counter - nanotechnology pirate packs. Research into the stems of languague, etymology of cells names and proteins and chemical process codes led to a poetic outbreak of negentropic languaging.

The new languaging leads to cultural anti-APOPTOSIS. Renaissance. Eternal rebirth of novelty conserving structures, minority reports and group ontological feedback culture. Responsible for our mind-brain-body functions and software programs manipulating our electric mushrumber meat.

SO my dear readers, we met the challenge of the end of the word, and of the image and of religious faith. The end. And so humanity and the cutting edge dropped off and sunk down to lowest place, right down there, deep at the bottom. The world of the NANO! "Atoms and Ifs" as Joyce said in Finnegans Wake: a nanotechnologists dream text-sequence. Ribonuclickingly re-Translated anti-apoptosis language.

In the world of Atoms and Ifs, the realm of Post-Quantum Mechanics Team 111 have extensive experience in the varied fields of theoretical MAYBELOGIC, practical mathematics, CAD engineering, lithographic printing, neuro-biology, pharmacology, optics, micro-chemistry, 3D modelling, Neuro Linguistic Programing, software engineering, Quantum Psychology, Non-Euclidean Politics, dicing, splicing, scractching, Ideogramic method, nano-dot lithographic engineering.

Team 111 created such groundbreaking mushrumber-technology as.

1. Acrillic Nano-paste. 2010.

2. Apoptsostic Neuro-cabala. 2014

3. Cancer Cell death drink. (100% cure for all forms of cancer). 2011.

4. Amrita-Drosphilia, apoptosis-inducing Ideogramic agent for detecting the BULL-SHIT quotent in any given text.

5. CH'UANsporine, culural apoptosis-inducing Ideogramic agent for detecting stagnating development. 2009.

--Steven "fly agaric" Pratt.
Feb 15th 2019.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

An interview with Dr. Robert Anton Wilson 2019!

Howard Hallis: Do you feel that we as a species can evolve beyond death? Is immortality possible? If it is, in what ways do you feel we would have to adjust as a society to deal with eternal life?

RAW: I think it’s worth aiming for. Maybe the only way we can do it is by transferring our consciousness into silicon chips. Maybe we can transfer our consciousness into lasers. Maybe we can find a way to have the biological body regenerating and rejuvenating itself. These are all interesting areas of speculation and there’s actual research going on that may yield some answers to this. I don’t think we should just accept death with equanimity any more than slaves accepted slavery. We should rebel against it. It’s degrading! It’s insulting! It’s painful! I think it’s one of the things we need to get rid of. If life does become eternal, I think we’re going to to have to become an interplanetary and interstellar species, because longevity will make the population crunch get even worse if we stay on one planet. With longevity looming and immortality a theoretical possibility, we’re going to have to start exploring extra planetary living. There’s so much energy/resources out there, that will quickly solve all our energy/resource problems. I think it’s a coincidence, or more than a coincidence, that interplanetary travel and longevity are dawning at about the same time.

Non-Euclidean Times. January 11th 2019.