Friday, September 19, 2008

What are you having for dinner tonight, fly?

Tonight i ate Kellogg's cat sap' and Nestle' mutton broth--soup--washed down with coca cola blood with a tipple of Jack Daniels old Saturn elixir--water. Alone, well not alone really but I'm the only body of pumps and pipes in this particular room, this evening. Just finished my Game study session with Bobtech' and so have an appetite for some sweet desert this evening, I think I'm having the hummus um...or maybe I'll take the Afghan truffle skins as they were so yummy yesterday; i think I'll have one or two of em for desert yeah, um...Truffle skins.

Diary note. September 20th 2019;

This evening after study I am coming around to the thinking that Buckminster Fuller was really being sabotaged by some hidden hand of the American Government and their world around business partners; so as to prevent him giving away SYNERGY and his other great ideas as free gifts for all world-around humanity. While sucking on a truffle earlier this evening i pondered upon the evidence for a great conspiracy against Bucky, there must have been some dark and sordid force plotting against him? like the CIA techno-pirates, Standard Oil or some big Banks? otherwise how could the world have not taken up his design science principles earlier? It turns out it was the CIA's counter-intelligence department, the same robots that dogged Orson Welles, were also on assignment to dissrupt the life and works of Bucky Fuller. Those bastards left us a right mess to try and clear up, not many from the company made it after the 2015 purge, but those that did are still mostly tools of TSOG. Old news now i suppose, everybody knows the the story of the rise and fall on the spooks, don't they?

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